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At the speed of two by Fabio Giannelli

In which seven cats all discover the same slightly elevated flat thing and claim it as their own while pretending the other six cats don’t exist.
❝ What was the good, after all, of being a woman if one didn’t keep fresh, and cram one’s life with all sorts of views and experiments?

— Virginia Woolf, Night and Day (via wavingtovirginia)



That is not a record - that is a cross-section of a fucking tree. And it sounds like this.

I feel like crying

Erythrite and Quartz - Bou Azzer, Morocco
❝ Your feelings are valid simply because you feel them.

— something lovely my therapist said  (via fuckinq)

(Source: noshameinoursickness)

❝ He, she thought, looking at the handsome boy, knows exactly what the music means. He was already completely possessed by the music. She liked the look of complete absorption that had swum up on top of his immaculate respectability, making him seem almost stern…

— Virginia Woolf, The Years (via wavingtovirginia)